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We publish our news here to keep you updated about activities and achievements at Ellern Mede Schools. We employ highly qualified staff who are experts in teaching vulnerable young people and helping them to reach their full potential. We are at the forefront of therapeutic and supportive education and we take a keen interest in news and policy developments affecting education and health. Direct questions about the schools to the Head Teacher, Karen Shirbini at 0208 959 7774 or email

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We never stop talking about careers…

10 Mar 2023

We had our annual visit from Complete Careers last week as part of our staff CPD on developing careers provision. This works out well for …


The chicks are in…

25 Jan 2023

We have chicks in school, cute little fluffy birds and I have to be honest, I could never have imagined that these tiny golden balls …


Why supervision matters

24 Nov 2022

It’s alarming to see the recent reports on teachers struggling with their mental health whilst working. The Teacher Wellbeing Index, a survey commissioned by the …


Why everyone should spend some time in a SEMH School

1 Nov 2022

If there’s one thing that everyone in education is talking about since lockdown, it’s the decline in young people’s mental health.  School refusal has increased, …


Why Integration begins on the first day of admission

30 Sep 2022

In a hospital school, much of the work happens within and around transitions. It is no different to the transitions that occur in our personal …


It’s the end of the academic year 

18 Jul 2022

It’s always a strange feeling – the end of the school year in a hospital school – because, whilst school closes for the summer break, …


Why we need to rethink our approach to school refusal.

4 Jul 2022

It probably comes as no surprise that our students are often in a state of school refusal when they are admitted into our hospital. Some …


Dear MJ…

27 Jun 2022

Dear MJ, 

We’ve had endless conversations about you writing your story down and finding a way to share it. I also told you about this blog …


So, how do you approach Careers Provision in a Hospital School?

20 Jun 2022

When I first started thinking about careers and our pupils, I couldn’t understand how a programme could be developed for them in a meaningful way. …


A Spring Term to Remember

13 Jun 2022

Zoe Ramshaw, Head of site – Friary Hall (Orange Tree School) – writes about a new addition to the school and the Platinum Jubilee …


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