If you would like to get in contact with us regarding referral or admissions, please use the “Refer a Student” Page which can be found HERE.

Alternatively, you can contact the Schools’ Head Office through the following means:


Telephone: 020 8959 7774

Ellern Mede Moorgate School provides education services for young people who are receiving inpatient treatment at our Ellern Mede Hospitals. These hospitals support children and young adults diagnosed with an eating disorder who may, or may not, be detained under the Mental Health Act. Moreover, Ellern Mede Moorgate Hospital has a dedicated ward to support young adults aged between 18 and 25 years of age transitioning from CAMHS to adult services or back into the community. 

The education provided at Ellern Mede Moorgate School complements the intensive programme at the hospitals that provide inpatient treatment for patients with highly complex, challenging or chronic conditions. This includes those who are resistant to treatment, severely medically compromised and have a history of self-harm. Treatment is focused on family participation where possible, including skills-based family therapy and knowledge about how best to offer the patient meal support at home.

All students who join Ellern Mede School Moorgate will agree to the following conditions:

  • they wish to be a student at Ellern Mede Moorgate School and will attend regularly;
  • they have a strong desire to make academic progress;
  • they will behave with respect and consideration to the other students, the staff, the property and any pets we have, such as the hospitals’ therapy dogs.

Any student that joins Ellern Mede Moorgate will be placed on what is called a dual roll. That is, they will be registered as attending both their home school (the school which they are currently on roll for) and Ellern Mede Moorgate School. 


Funding is provided through the local authority regardless of whether the young person attends a state-funded or privately funded school. 

To discuss admissions or funding, call us on 020 8959 7774 or get in touch by email:

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