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Ellern Mede Schools offer high-quality, supportive education in a safe, secure, and inclusive environment to those who may be in-patients at one of our Ellern Mede Hospital partners for eating disorders or, at our Ellern Mede Orange Tree site, those who are not hospital in-patients but may have complex, multi-faceted needs such as Social, Emotional, and Mental Health (SEMH), high-functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and anxiety or depression and who would benefit from a specialised education that is focused around their needs.

We believe that with the right care and support, our students can leave us prepared for study and work, play an active role in their communities, and lead happy, curious lives.

Ellern Mede School

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Ellern Mede School

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Ellern Mede School


Ellern Mede School


74% of GCSE graded 9-7 or A*/AOfsted outstanding

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Our Values

Ellern Mede Schools work to achieve its aims by providing a stimulating, caring, calm and secure environment. We are guided by three broad principles: re-engagement and raising aspiration, unlocking every child’s potential, and recognising and celebrating achievement.

Re-engagement and raising aspiration

Unlocking Every Child's Potential

Recognising and celeberating Achievement

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